What Others are Saying About Hey Emma

“As a sexual health physician; I recognize the need for a multidisciplinary approach for patients. Oftentimes, surgery, medications and hormones are just the beginning of their journey. When they have struggled with low desire, sexual pain, orgasm dysfunction or problems with arousal, they feel “broken”, isolated, guilty or unworthy of love. This is the part of the equation that I rely heavily on Emma and her team for. Their knowledge and experience, in particular in the sexual health space, is unmatched. The team at Emma Schmidt & Associates has been an amazing resource and partner for our practice and for our patients. They work through the emotional journey my patients are going through and give them the support, counseling and help they need in addition to the treatments they receive from us. Through this team approach, we are able to treat both the mind and the body – something that is essential for many of our patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction. This partnership is what helps us achieve amazing results for our patients together.“

A picture of Dr. Somi JavaidSomi Javaid, MD, Certified OBGYN Founder and CEO of , HerMD

“There is something to be said for availability of high quality, compassionate sex therapy in one’s area, and Cincinnati is incredibly fortunate to have Emma Schmidt & Associates.  As a physician who treats sexual dysfunction on a regular basis, we know that coordinated multi-faceted therapy is key to improvement in many medically associated sexual disorders.  In addition, even non-medical challenges with sexual relationships can greatly benefit from sex therapy with a qualified therapist. Sometimes couples really need that 3rd party to explore needs, fears, and a variety of triggering emotions that prevent open discussion on one’s own.  Emma’s practice is integral to both types of challenges and I am very lucky to have such incredible support in the area to ensure patients get the support they need.”

Janelle Evans, MD, Urogynecology, Kettering Medical Center

“I have known Emma Schmidt since 2011 when I began supervising her as she worked toward becoming certified as a Sexuality Therapist by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). After achieving that goal, she asked me to supervise her again as she began working toward certification as a Supervisor with AASECT.

I have watched Emma’s growth and development over these 10 years. She has grown remarkably skilled, knowledgeable and professional in every area of competence required of a therapist. I have supervised many students during my career of 45 years. Emma stands out as one of the very best. Emma is special because she not only has mastered all of the skills and knowledge required of therapists, she possesses traits that cannot be taught to anyone. She is kind, caring, empathic and giving to her clients. At the same time she is honest and straightforward, in a way that enables her clients to grow and make the changes they come to her to achieve.

I trust Emma’s clinical and interpersonal skills so much that I frequently refer clients to her including the people I love. It is my professional opinion that Emma is a star in her field.“

Jill W. Bley, Ph.D. AASECT Certified Sexuality Therapist and Supervisor, Founder of Women Helping Women

“The team at Emma Schmidt and Associates brings a level of expertise and accessibility to sex and relationship therapy that are so rare to find. They have a vast knowledge of the concerns and interventions that are most helpful to people struggling in these areas, helping people to quickly identify their challenges and how to work toward their goals. I have many patients who have worked with Emma’s team and found just the support they’ve needed for their journey. Emma herself makes treatment for what are often isolating problems more approachable and understandable.”

Ashley Solomon, Psychologist, Founder of , Galia Collaborative

“I am a pelvic health physical therapist working with men and women with sexual health concerns for 25 years. Emma Schmidt and her Associates have been extremely valuable to the successful rehabilitation of my patients experiencing pain with sex. They are very adept at getting to know each individual and helping to develop a successful plan for success. You may be thinking that your sexual health problem is only medical or physical. However, consider what happens when you think about something that causes you to be anxious due to past experiences. What does you body do? It naturally tenses. This of course reduces libido, lubrication, arousal, erection and develops muscle spasms resulting in pain. Addressing the psychological with your medical and physical treatments are essential to success. Emma Schmidt is a pioneer in sexual health in the Greater Cincinnati area and has developed a tremendous team of therapists. I highly recommend!”

Kathleen Novicki, DPT, PRPC Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pelvic Health Professional Founder of, The Center for Pelvic Floor and Core Rehabilitation/Oxford Physical Therapy

“As a specialist in female pelvic medicine and surgery, I often treat women with intimacy concerns. Emma Schmidt and Associates are wonderful certified intimacy therapists who remain an integral part of my patient care plans. Often times, these women have a history of abuse, traumatic childbirth, or cancer-treatment complications causing fear and anxiety in bringing up their pelvic or intimacy questions. After my initial evaluation, I typically recommend a multidisciplinary treatment approach with medication, pelvic therapy, and intimacy counseling. As many chronic medical conditions are treated this same way, patients benefit greatly from our management. Sessions with Emma and her colleagues are a critical part of the healing process. My patients and I truly appreciate Emma’s knowledge, concern, insight and compassion. She and her colleagues are bringing a much needed service to the Northern Kentucky area.”

“Emma Schmidt & Associates, Sex + Relationship Therapy is a safe space to explore barriers to sexual health, improve communication, and work towards your best self. Having had Emma as a speaker on several panels, I can attest that she connects easily with clients, listens carefully, and delicately handles the most difficult topics. Working in the relationship industry, I believe that having a professional help provide insight and perspective is very beneficial. Sex therapy is essential for healthy relationships.”

Patty Brisben, Founder & Chairwoman of, Pure Romance & Patty Brisben Foundation