A long-standing stigma has been cultivated in our society and culture regarding masturbation. Some of the comments that automatically pop into my mind are masturbation is wrong or you’re cheating on your partner if you masturbate. As a teen maybe you felt that you were dirty for masturbating or as an adult you feel that you must hide the fact that you masturbate.

Comments and thoughts like these can lead us to feel shame or guilt around something that is actually quite healthy and natural! Well, let’s work towards breaking the stigma and debunking some of the common myths that have been shared over generations.

Myth: One should not masturbate while in a relationship

Like I mentioned above, masturbation is natural- and it is completely okay to masturbate while
you are in a relationship. I think one of the common thoughts around this myth is that if you are
masturbating while in a relationship you are not being fully satisfied by your partner or that you
are cheating on them. The truth is, there are so many benefits that can come from
masturbating while in a relationship. For example, it’s a great way for you to figure out what
you enjoy and what brings you pleasure. You can then share your experience with your partner,
and it may only increase your satisfaction while engaging in sex with them! Another aspect of
masturbating while being in a relationship is that you and your partner may have different
levels of sexual desire and that’s okay! Masturbating my takeaway some of the pressure one
might feel to engage in sex because their partner has a higher level of desire.

Myth: Masturbating can cause infertility

Ah another common myth! This is just untrue! According to the Mayo Clinic, masturbation for
males does not decrease sperm count and masturbation for females is not likely to have much
of an effect on fertility. One aspect of this myth that is important to point out is if one
masturbates more often than not, sperm count may be impacted but it is only temporary- it
won’t stay this way forever.

Myth: Only Men Masturbate

Among the many stereotypes we need to continue to battle as a society when we compare men and women this is certainly one of them. A recent study showed that 76% of women masturbate. Masturbation for women is just as natural as it is for men.

I think another important myth to debunk within this subject is that women who use toys while masturbating are dirty. This is also just not true! There are many toys that can be used safely (dildos to name one) while masturbating, check out our website and ask questions for resources on this! And let me repeat once more, if you are a lady reading this blog and have ever felt shame or guilt because you masturbate- you are not alone and you deserve to give yourself pleasure just as much as anyone else!

Myth: There is such thing as masturbating too much

Again, not true! Self-pleasure related to masturbation is going to look and feel different for everyone. We all have different levels of sexual desire and how we meet our needs is going to look different. Much research has shown that there are no harmful physical implications related to how often one masturbates. If you feel that you want to masturbate multiple times a day, go for it! How we give ourselves pleasure can only be defined by us and our experiences. One take away from this is that masturbation only becomes excessive if it is serving as an escape or hindering your ability to function in day-to-day life (relationships, school, work, etc). If you feel that this applies to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Myth: Masturbation causes mental health issues

I feel like this is a myth that came about many generations ago and really needs to be addressed and debunked! Honestly, the only mental health concerns that I can think of that stem from masturbation are not actually a result of masturbation itself. It’s the shame and guilt that society has cultivated around masturbation that can cause distress for people. With that said, masturbation is actually quite healthy and can make you feel good! If and when you orgasm during masturbation, you release hormones called endorphins that block pain and make you feel good (check out Taylor’s most recent blog for more of the perks of masturbation)!

The moral of the story I’m trying to share to all of you is that the myths that have been shared over generations regarding masturbation do not have to guide your experience. The truth of the matter is that we all deserve to give ourselves pleasure without feeling shame and guilt about something that is totally natural and healthy. I’m sure there are many more myths regarding masturbation out there and if you take anything from this blog, know that it is okay to masturbate!